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We design for you

At Dream Concept Homes we don't have "standard" plans, we customise your home to suit you and your section. During the process we’ll help you to define what is important in your new home and then take your vision and make it a reality.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise - from architects through to interior designers, so we can create your dream home directly tailored to your lifestyle.

We build for you

As experienced craftsmen, we know how to deliver the best design, functionality and workmanship for your new home, we also know how important it is to help you set a realistic budget and then stick to it. 

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve, we’ll assist you get there by offering you a choice of high quality materials, fixtures and features.

And we ensures every step of the process, from the initial plans to the finished product, is all leading up to ensuring that your home is built exactly the way you want it.

Knock down and

Whether you’re looking for a knock down and rebuild or a subdivision our pricing means you will always know it will fit your budget. And if you see something that you love but would like to personalise it to your needs, then let us know and we'll tailor it to meet your tastes.


Get the financially sound option


Imagine living in a new home, built exactly the way you imaged it, designed to suit your needs, preferences and personality but still in the neighbourhood you love. Whether you choose a knock down and rebuild your old home, or have purchased a property to redevelop, our custom home design process will ensure that the old house is transferred to a new, innovative, and tasteful home that is designed to meet your individual requirements.


Also, new houses ensure maximum resale value for your investment, sometimes a new home on part of the land could effectively cost you nothing.

Keep the neighbourhood you love

Moving home can be stressful. Much of the stress isn’t ascribed to the move itself, but from having to say goodbye to a way of life and surroundings, then having to adjust to a new neighbourhood away from what you’ve grown to love. Knockdown and rebuild allow you to stay in your current location meaning families remain in a familiar area, with all the amenities and schools they’re used to.

New home is built exactly as you want it.

Demolishing your old dwelling and starting fresh means that you’ll have a number of different options to choose from. You can knock down the old dwelling and build the home of your dreams, or build two, rent one and live in the other, or simply sell one or both.

With us you can dream, big or small, to get a home that’s truly personal and reflects your personality and preference.

Hill Builds

Advantages of building on a slope


Building on a sloping site opens up many incredible architectural opportunities. Your new home may have such features as stepped floors, basement walkouts, and extensive panoramic windows.


Hillside homes are the exclusivity and remoteness that they usually offer. Cities and town centres are rarely built on a hillside; typically they are located on more level ground. Building with the slope is a way to get away from the city and enjoy rural life.


5 Considerations for Building on a sloping block



In order to build a home that is essentially designed for use on a slopping site, there are 5 major aspects that you’ll need to consider during the design process:

  • How a slope affects the type of your home that can be built

  • How to ensure all spaces are designed to fit your lifestyle

  • How to maximize the natural light coming into your home

  • How to effectively utilize all living spaces

  • How to take advantage of the views



Environmentally friendly

Dream Concept Homes ensure that each home is built as an environmentally-friendly construction, both during the building process and by incorporating some environmentally-conscious elements in the design that increase energy efficiency and maintain the long-term value of the home as well.


Land Subdivisions




Subdividing your site can be a great opportunity potentially offering you considerable financial rewards such as rental return. We can assist you fulfill your dreams by building a new additional dwelling on your site or removing the old house and building two or more new homes in its location.



Challenging task


However, the subdividing process can be very cost-effective as well as time-consuming. It comprises with consents, council restrictions and planning regulations and all of that comes before a new home is built on your site.

Let's Get Started


STEP1  - Book A Free Build Consultation


Book your free consultation TODAY, we would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your dreams and plans for your new home, either at our showhome or your site.


STEP 2 - Concept and Design of Your New Home


Several meetings may be required before we start working drawings. During the meetings, we carefully listen to all your new home ideas and then use our experience and expertise to help you:

  • Become clear about your vision of your new home;

  • Estimate your budget and find the best fit for you to achieve your vision; and

  • Establish a step-by-step plan on how to achieve your vision.

STEP 3 - Final Concept Plan

We will work with you closely to refine your plans to your exact requirements and specifications. On acceptance of the estimate, we’ll then present you with your plan and a wide range of specifications of all products and materials to be used.


STEP 4 – Preparations of Contract and Documents


Once the final design is confirmed, A Fixed Price Contract detailing your new home and your selected specifications will be drawn up and presented to you for approval.


Besides, the contract documents, including the building contract, working drawings, and guarantee documentation are signed once you are satisfied.


STEP 5 – Building Consent Application


We will prepare full working consent drawings and lodge with Council on your behalf, including resource consent if required. We will take care of the whole consenting process.


STEP 6 - Construction and Project Management

Construction of your new home will commence soon after consent approval; at which stage we will determine a build start date and outline the timeline for construction.

At the same time, progress payments are paid (as presented in your build contract) during different stages of the building process:

  • Consent issued

  • Completion of the roof

  • Completion of exterior cladding, windows, etc

  • Completion of interior walls, doors, etc

  • All work finalised



STEP 7 – Hand Over

Once construction is complete, your new home will be professionally cleaned, a thorough quality check will be done. And meanwhile we will arrange for a final inspection with council so that a Code of Compliance Certificate can be issued.

At this point, we’ll meet you onsite and present you with the keys and all your warranty documentation. And it doesn’t stop there. If any issues come up after completion, we’ll come back and fix them



From the initial planning stages of your home, we promise using resources (materials, energy, water and air) in smarter, more efficient ways so we can build homes that are affordable, warmer, healthier, and cheaper to run and better for the environment and future generations.

We believe home builders in New Zealand should construct houses that are as eco-friendly, sustainable and energy efficient as possible. Our builders are passionate about delivering a home beyond your expectations, and provide a 10 Year Guarantee.

Why choose us


Dream Concept Homes was founded by Director Jackie Chen in 2014. Jackie has been involved in construction and construction management for over 10 years.

Jackie is also the director of JP Constructions Limited which was established in 2007, the company is the main subcontractor for Dream Concept Homes. As a
highly skilled team of industry professionals, JP Constructions pride themselves on the quality of workmanship and strike to create innovative and quality homes around Auckland.

Over the years Dream Concept Homes has established strong working relationship with various subcontractors, registered designers, engineers and
planners. Our experience and know-how ensures you can be confident in your build.



Take a tour of some of our homes.  Click on the images below to discover more.


New Market -  Youngs Lane 
3 Youngs Lane_edited_edited.jpg

Land area: 2463m2, Floor area: 1231m2

Weiti Bay - Ahumoana Road
107 AHUMOANA_edited.jpg
The Prom - Coatesville
5G The Prom_edited.jpg
 Reid Court, Upper Orewa 

Land area: 775m2;   Floor area: 308m2

Single level Dwelling, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, guest tiolet, 2 Living Areas, Sepatate laundry and double garage 

Warman Road, Okura

Land area 12642m2, Floor area: 1000m2

warman road 1.jpg
Puruatanga Drive, Upper Orewa 

Land area 556m2, Floor area: 295m2

Two level dwelling, including 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet, 2 Living areas and double garage 

5 kotuitui.png
Konei Place – Redvale 
6 Konei_edited.jpg
Dairy Flat – Oak Valley Drive

Land area 3242m2, Floor area: 550m2

oak valley dr 2.jpg
oak valley dr 3.jpg
oak valley dr 1.jpg


Our current  House and Land Packages available NOW.

1.Front House.png
  • Rescource Consent Approved

  • Section: 650m2

  • Home:450m2

  • Seaview

  • 5 Bedrooms

  • 1 Media Room

  • 3 Living Areas

  • 5 Bathrooms + 1 Guest Toilet

  • Separate Laundry

Lot 166 Dulcie Way.png
  • Section: 612m2

  • Home: 352m2

  • 5 Bedrooms

  • 3 Living Areas + 1 Study/Office 

  • 4 Bathrooms 

  • Separate Laundry 

lot 162.png
  • Section: 586m2

  • Home:330m2

  • 5 Bedrooms

  • 2 Living Areas + 1 Study/Office

  • 4 Bathrooms + 1 Guest Toilet

  • Separate Laundry

131 colonial dr.jpg
  • Section: 657m2

  • Home: 360m2

141 colonial dr.jpg
  • Section: 525m2

  • Home: 266m2

110b Wainui rd.jpg
  • Section: 641m2

  • Home: 326m2



Custom sites available. Design and build it to suit your preference.

Weiti Bay - 5 Konei Pl - Lot 108 Size: 1665m2, house size around 400-500m2
Weiti Bay - 6 Konei Pl - Lot 112 Size: 1842m2, house size around 400-500m2
Weiti Bay - 112 Ahumoana Rd - Lot 156 Size: 1835m2, house size around 400-500m2
Orewa Ara Hill – Lot 326 Size: 373.91m2
Orewa Ara Hill - Lot 565 Size: 346.12m2

Milldale - Lot 18  Size: 421m2 

Milldale - Lot 19  Size: 640m2

Millwater - Lot 22  Size: 556m2, house size around 280-300m2  Two-storey dwelling

Millwater - Lot 28  Size: 775m2, house size around 280-300m2  Single Level dwelling



Are there any hidden costs with a Fixed Price Contract?
  • We are pride of no hidden costs. Your contract will present what is covered and what is not. We give you a complete specification displaying everything that has been allowed for including appliances, bathroom fittings, hardware etc. 


How long does it typically take to build a new home?
  • Building length will vary depending on your site and how complex your design is. However, we have been building homes for New Zealanders for almost 10 years so we know how to ensure that your home is completed on time - we’ll work with you on an agreed completion date during the construction of your home.


What is your square metre cost?
  • You get what you pay for and there are multiple factors that can significantly affect a calculated square metre rate. We build for not only people who’re seeking for small affordable homes but also for who prefer large luxury homes. Whatever the budget, we will ensure you get your dream home.


What Guarantees do you offer?
  • Apart from a 10 year Master Build guarantee there are also applicable supplier warranties and guarantees. For Master Build guarantee, the documentation is required to completed and signed by both you and Dream Concept Homes.




For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please fill out the following form

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Head Office

15 Oak Manor Drive, Albany,


Tel:    09 414 5616

Mob: 021 802 093


112 Arran Point Parade, Orewa 

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Let's Talk: 09 414 5616
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